Fillmore County DFL 

Remember Precinct Caucuses on March 1, 2016 .  Check out details under the Precinct Caucus tab.  Note Newburg Twp, Preble Twp and Mabel location has changed to Mabel-Canton Public Schools.

Invites you to join the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party in support of our endorsed policies and hard-working candidates. Stand with us as Democrats and uphold a proud tradition that spans U.S. history from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama. Critical issues change from year-to-year, one election to the next. But here in rural Fillmore County, certain Democratic values serve as a foundation for the future we build, as party and as Minnesotans.

This is what we stand for:

* Healthy Citizens
* Healthy Schools
* Healthy Democracy and Government

A Few Among Many Who Have Helped Shape and Advance the Democratic Party: