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   Voting is our most powerful tool! But, as we saw in the 2020 Election; at the January 6th Insurrection; and in the current loss of personal freedoms; the Republicans want to take our votes and our rights away. They want to erode our faith in the electoral outcome. And they want to create so many barriers to voting that the average citizen doesn’t bother to vote.

   As we also saw in the 2020 Presidential Election and subsequent runoff Senate elections in Georgia, every vote matters!! We know that when more people vote, Democrats win.

Here’s what you can you do to Save our Democracy:

  1. Vote and encourage everyone you know to vote!!

  2. Join the Fillmore County DFL to help get out the vote and support DFL candidates. (Join our newsletter here.)

  3. Become an election judge or poll watcher.

  4. Actively participate in the process by attending candidate town halls, talking with your friends and family, and educating yourself on the issues (see #6).

  5. Push back any time you hear the Big Lie of election fraud.

  6. Don’t fall for disinformation! Look for sources on everything you read or watch and don’t share until you’re sure it’s true. Make it a practice to consume news from multiple sources with different viewpoints.

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