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Democracy is not a spectator sport."

- Harvey from Harmony

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Jordan Fontenello

Minnesota House District 28B

"How can I make a difference?" By joining with me and my fellow candidates, and many other local DFL members to promote the ideals that will enable us to make our world better through fairness and opportunity for all. Contact me or any member with your questions, concerns, and ideas

DFL -- Defining Fair Leadership

Sarah Kruger

Minnesota Senate District 28

"I'm running for our State Senate because the people of Southeast Minnesota deserve strong representation, innovative leadership, and most importantly, inclusive governance. Whether you're a small business owner needing affordable health insurance, a farmer struggling with the challenging farm economy, a parent trying to find and pay for quality daycare, or a college student facing burdensome student loan debt—you and the challenges you face matter."

Dan Feehan

United States House of Representatives

"As a former soldier, teacher, and public servant, I believe our politics should be about putting people first. 

Here in southern Minnesota, we work hard and come together to solve problems.... I know that by bringing people together, we can make high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all; I know that together, we can keep markets open for our farmers and return strength to our ag economy; together we can build a society where everyone matters."

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Tina Smith

United States Senator

"The erraticness and chaos of trade negotiations and these tariffs over the last several years have been a challenge to Minnesota agriculture. We need to stand up for ourselves with China and we also need to be a reliable trading partner."

"Leading on climate change means we’re leading on rural energy.... I believe the United States can lead or follow on this, and I think if we lead we will be in a stronger position."

Joe Biden

Kamala Harris

President and Vice President of the United States

“We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. And if we’re going to get through these crises—we need to come together and unite for a better America."

– Vice President Joe Biden

“Don’t give up – our country needs you now more than ever. This is a pivotal moment in the history of our country: Our ideals are at stake, and we all have to fight for who we are. We are all, and should be treated as, equals, but the disparity in terms of income and inequality, for women and women of color, is significant.” 

– Senator Kamala Harris