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Upcoming Parade Opportunities! Fun for Everyone!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

We invite you to join us “marching” in the Lanesboro Buffalo Bills Day parade (8/8/21) and the Chatfield Western Days parade (8/14/21). We'll provide t-shirts, signs (but bring your own if you prefer), a lead vehicle (with limited seating), and lots of good fellowship as we show our support for President Biden and all our Democrat leaders. Let's show SE MN that we are united as Democrats and ready to get to work for our county!

Please plan on walking the length of the parade; wear good shoes, sunscreen, and bring a water bottle!

You are welcome to carry signs that have been made if you would like with important messages that we support or you can simply walk with us, smile, wave, and make eye contact with our neighbors along the way. If you feel that you may be unable to walk the entire length of the parade, there will be some spots available in the pick-up, but we will need to know in advance how many people that will be to ensure we have the space/chairs. Let us know if you can march (or ride) so we can supply a shirt, sign and/or flag. Please contact: Christine DeVries: Email: Thank you on behalf of the Fillmore County DFL and our Fillmore County DFL Parade Committee!

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