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   Building on an initial investment in the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law brings a multitude of projects to rural Minnesota that not only improve our quality of life but bring high-paying, good jobs to our communities. Each of these investments (high speed internet, safe roads and bridges, modern wastewater systems, clean drinking water, reliable and affordable electricity) require a New Deal level employment boost that will bolster our small, rural economies. These big, broad investments will make Main Street stronger and encourage our kids to stay here to raise their families.

  • $55 billion investment in our water and wastewater infrastructure which includes eliminating ALL lead pipes.

  • $3.5 billion to improve home energy efficiency for rural, low-income families, reducing energy costs, improving household comfort and safety, and cutting pollution.

  • The Department of Education (ED) is investing $198 million in American Rescue Plan funding for competitive grants for rural colleges and universities that serve a high percentage of low-income students and are experiencing enrollment declines.

  • The American Rescue Plan also increased SNAP benefits which will increase the well-being of 2.9 million people in rural areas, including 800,000 children, reducing rural poverty by 11% and rural child poverty by 20%. USDA also invested $1 billion, including $500 million in American Rescue Plan funding, in The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) to support and expand emergency food access so states, food banks, and local organizations.

  • The American Rescue Plan invested a historic $3 billion in the Department of Commerce’s (DOC) Economic Development Administration (EDA) to build local, rural economies that are resilient to future economic shocks

  • The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Community Navigator Pilot Program, funded by the American Rescue Plan, is reducing barriers that underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs – including those in rural America – often face in accessing the resources they need to recover, grow, or start their businesses. The program is providing a total of $100 million to 51 nonprofits, state and local governments, universities, and tribal entities that will work with organizations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico to provide technical assistance to small businesses in underserved communities. 

  • Departments of Agriculture and the Interior are collaborating to invest $2.8 billion under the Great American Outdoors Act to improve access, experiences, and partnerships for outdoor recreation that not only promote tourism but also protect America’s public lands while creating jobs and opportunities in rural communities. EDA is also investing $750 million in American Rescue Plan funding through the Travel, Tourism & Outdoor Recreation program, including $510 million that has already been provided to states.

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