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How to Introduce a Resolution

   Resolutions are issue proposals, brought by caucus participants, to be considered by the party and can be added to the party's platform.

   From your individual precinct, the resolutions are taken to the county conventions and district conventions. There, the delegates elected from the precinct level vote on which resolutions to adopt onto the party platform. The party platform is made up of issues the parties plan to work on through the next year.

This is a great way to tell the party leaders what issues are important to you at a local and State Level.

You can write your own or use a prewritten resolution from an organization you align with. Either way, there are a few basics to follow:

Writing with Pen
Writing with Pen
  • Keep them short. At the county and district level, resolutions will be consolidated together into similar categories.

  • Provide detail. This way, when resolutions are consolidated, key issues important to you can shine through. Also, this help delegates understand your issues at county and district conventions.

  • Research other resolutions. If you're drafting your own, look at what's already out there or has been proposed in the past. You don't have to go forward alone!

  • You may or may not have to speak about your resolution. At many caucuses, the precinct chair will call for a motion to adopt all the resolutions, and send them to be sorted out at the county level. We have provided handy talking points on each of the resolutions, just in case you do have to talk about your resolution.

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